Hello, welcome to animal healing communication Nicole Zellmer!

As an animal communicator, I guide loving and dedicated animal people to understand and implement their animal's needs and messages.

Clear. Empathic. Without mumbo jumbo.


For a happy human-animal relationship!


Do you know this?

Do you wonder whether your furry friend:

  • Feels comfortable and arrived with you?
  • Gets along well with his animal and human roommates?
  • In short, whether he is happy?

Or are you worried about your animal? Maybe because it:

  • Has changed in his character, but you can not for the life of you make out why?
  • Has become unclean or aggressive without a health cause being present or found?

Maybe you are also thinking about taking in another animal, but you are unsure what your animal roommates who already live with you think about it?

Spielen darf auch sein: Nicole im Dialog mit ihren beiden Katzen

I can understand you and your animal so well!

A loving pet mom myself, I have asked myself these questions more than once. The uncertainty whether my animals are really well or whether they have perhaps grief or something 'hatch' has often driven me around.

This and the long cherished desire to work with animals and for animals and their people brought me to animal communication.

Animal communication can give us valuable clues about what is going on in our animal pets, and I can help you understand your animal's messages!

But not only that: It is important to me that you and your animal are not left alone with the result after the animal communication, because now the work often only begins. Here you will find an overview of how I can accompany you:

Nicole mit Sheltie

Animal Communication

With the help of animal communication I find out what your animal is missing or what it needs right now.

Strömen bei einer Katze

Energetic Methods

I support you and your animal with various energetic methods, like

Ätherische Öle

Consulting / Coaching

My consulting and coaching services include the following services:

Want to know more about how to truly understand your animal?

Then feel free to call me or send me an email - your pet and I would be happy!

Phone: +49 1 51 – 59 87 23 24

Email: nicole@tierheilkommunikation.de

Your thoughts about my work and me:

Here you can find some customer feedbacks about my work and me:

It was great! We listened to what Nicole had to say about our cats - it hit the mark completely! Totally x 5! […]

he assessment and statements about the individual characters also hit the mark completely with everyone: who is the boss, who is the gentle and reserved type, who is the slightly cranky granny, etc.
It fit completely - without ifs and buts! We also did not expect that Nicole makes such precision landings!

It was also nice that subsequently applied messages to the animals' previous responses led to immediate resonances in behavior.

Our conclusion: we would recommend Nicole to anyone without reservation!"

Mareike and David H.

"First of all we would like to thank you so much for your great work, we are still so speechless about what you have done for us and first and foremost for our cats.

After you spoke with our cats everything is different, we live together as a team again and no longer each for himself, the cats participate again in everyday life and give us as much love as we give them, simply everything again so beautifully harmonious.

I would say I know my cats much better now and can respond to their wishes and fears and don't need to puzzle around anymore.

Durch deine Arbeit sind wir mit unseren Katzen wieder mehr zusammen gewachsen als Familie und schauen in eine super Zukunft, glücklich und zufrieden. Danke dir dafür von ganzem Herzen!“

Nicole C.

"First of all we would like to thank you very much for your great work, we are still speechless about what you did for our 2 roommates (Mopsi and Sylvester). For us it was very exciting and helpful what you told us about ourtwo.

With Mopsi (dog), whom we have from the shelter, we now know what scares him and how we can help him, so that he may overcome this. We now also know better what he likes so much and so we can give it to him.

With Sylvester (cat) we now also know what he likes and what he does not like. Ad we also know where he may still have pain and why he sometimes reacts the way he does.

We will take into account and observe with both what you have explained to us in such an incredibly understandable and detailed way.

Thank you so much for your time and for just letting us know more about them now.

We've already recommended you to others, too, and we're looking forward to seeing the results with the others."

Loretta and Doris G.

„Nicole Was very friendly and totally helpful,she explained everything well and after we had discussed how it all works, I sent her a photo of our two dogs Athena and Apollo. She has describedAthene's character very well, "our little avenging angel" as we sometimes jokingly name her. That she sees herself as the boss is 100% true - she always tried to be also when the pack was bigger.

She also did a great job of capturing our boy, he is actually rather timid and cautious. She said something about a bad experience before his time with us. His could be what we suspect ourselves is that he was stuck in a contraction at birth. Also that he could probably have tension in his back is conceivable because he is currently reluctant to jump.
All in all, I highly recommend it to anyone to be open to such an experience and have actually already recommended Nicole to others!"

Samira S.

"Dear Nicole Thank you for taking time for our Fiewi.
We felt very comfortable and are very grateful that we can help our dog maybe even more now.

The pets will thank you."

Marina and Sina K.

Hello dear Nicole!
Now I would finally like to give you some feedback.

I was a bit skeptical at first... how is this all going to work just from a picture you ask yourself....
Since my two cuddly cats and I had nothing to lose and I was still curious, we dared and were soooo enthusiastic!
Nicole did not know my tomcats and accordingly could not know anything about them in advance.

During the subsequent phone call, my mouth was left open not only once, because Nicole told things about my two cuddly cats that fit 100% and therefore some problems at home or inconsistencies in the daily routine could be logically derived. I was also able to convey a few messages about Nicole to the two.

Since the conversation, I have changed a lot or adapted in the sense of the two and living together has become much more harmonious. I am very glad that I dared! I can only recommend it to everyone!

Thank you so much for your empathetic nature and help!"

Nadine L.